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For our 2023 event, we will double the number of available VIP tickets and up level our speaker expertise and infrastructure to allow for more opportunities for fellowship and connection between participants from all over the globe.

We will feature 25+ speakers, a sponsor marketplace, and Continuing Medical Education credits for physicians attending the event.









Mountain Range

“Knowledge is the success to this disease as you can advocate for oneself when you seek medical help.”

What our 2022 attendees say

"Such a fresh approach - not too ‘medical’ and great to see so many young faces."

"I am impressed with how smoothly the very first Sjorgens Summit went.


The very knowledgeable Dr Kara Wada and other guest speakers were not only knowledgeable, they were empowering. I am proud of the guest speakers, many of which are resourceful women who have 1st hand experience with Sjogrens.


The 2 day event was very informative and enlightening. I learned of some great resources and ways to advocate for myself. Looking forward to the next one!"

"This Summit helps all of us suffering to get the knowledge and motivation to advocate for ourselves!"

What our 2022 Speaker say

It was great to collaborate with other health practitioners who are as passionate as I am about Sjogren’s care. Sjogren’s is a frustrating disease, with challenging symptoms, long delayed diagnosis, and lack of clinician familiarity with the disease. Sjogren’s is a serious multi-system disease, never just dryness. The widespread symptoms are often downplayed or psychologized by clinicians and loved ones. Ongoing monitoring and management are central to good Sjogren’s care. By sharing our knowledge, experience and resources, the Sjogren’s Summit presenters help patients understand both lifestyle approaches and medical management.

- Sarah Schafer, MD MPH

Founder of Sjogren's Advocate

Companies that attended 2022

Last year's Virtual Sjogren's Summit was a huge success, thanks in part to the support of our amazing sponsors. These companies and organizations shared our vision of providing a supportive and empowering event

Meet our 2022 speakers

Each speaker is a leading medical professional or Sjogren's patient advocate, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with attendees.

Kara Wada

The Crunchy Allergist

Kara Wada

Ingrid He

Sjogren’s Tracker

Ingrid He

Jillian Rigert

Oral Medicine Physician,

Jillian Rigert, DMD, MD

Sarah Schafer

Sjogren’s Advocate

Sarah Schafer MD, MPHe

Micah Yu


Micah Yu MD, MHA

Jenifer Tharani

Autoimmune Nutritionist

Jenifer Tharani

Cristina Montoya

Arthritis Dietician

Cristina Montoya

Catina Morrison

Nurse Loves Essentials

Catina Morrison

Divya Dhawan

Sjogren’s Solution

Divya Dhawan

Marcie Evans

Serenity Wellness Theraphy

Marcie Evans

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