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Your Roadmap to Gut Instincts for Sjogren's

Get ready to dive deep into the world of gut health and discover how to thrive with Sjogren's!

Grab your planner, browse the schedule below, and start circling the sessions that call to you!

Day 1: Understanding Sjogren's & the Gut Connection

Day 1 sets the foundation for your journey, exploring the latest science, understanding symptoms, and empowering you with knowledge.

July 20, 2024

8:30 AM EST

Opening Remarks

Dr. Kara Wada & Cristina Montoya, RD

9:00 AM EST

A Look at the Epithelial Barrier Hypothesis and How to Repair & Build Resiliency

Dr. Kara Wada

9:30 AM EST

State of Sjogren's: A Clinician's POV

Dr. Diana Girnita

10:00 AM EST

Using the Breath to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve

Dr. Susan Masterson

11:00 PM EST

Lunch Break (Enjoy a Gut-Friendly Meal!)


12:00 PM EST

Blind Spot: Hidden Errors in Our Medical Records

Elisa Comer

12:30 PM EST

Nutrition and the Gut-Skin Connection

Bexi (Rebecca) Lobo, PhD

1:00 PM EST

Sjogren's Support Society: The Best and Worst Advice We've Heard

Roundtable Discussion

1:30 PM EST

Myths about Sjogren’s and Myths about diagnosis

Dr. Sarah Schafer

2:30 PM EST

Unmasking MCAS, The Gut-Brain Connection and Its Impact on Sjogren's

Dr. Kara Wada

Day 2: Nourishing Your Gut, Nurturing Your Life

Day 2 is all about equipping you with practical tools and strategies for gut healing, symptom management, and lasting well-being.

July 21, 2024

9:00 AM EST

Tips and Tricks to Manage Dry Mouth Associated with Sjögren’s Disease

Dr. Leslie Laing

9:30 AM EST

Swallowing in Sjogren's Syndrome and the Role of Speech-Language Pathology

Shaileen Wallani, SLP

10:00 AM EST

Nutritional Management of Gastroparesis

Cristina Montoya, RD

11:00 PM EST

Lunch Break (Nourish Your Body!)


12:00 PM EST

A Dietitian's Guide on Digestive Enzymes to Support Food Freedom

Jocelyn Wells, RD

12:30 PM EST

Essential Oils for Sjogren’s Disease Benefits for Smell, Taste, and Vagus Nerve Health

Catina Morrison, RN

1:00 PM EST

The RA Yogi Tips for Activating the Rest & Digest System for Gut Health

Julia McNally

1:30 PM EST

Closing Remarks and Next Steps

Dr. Kara Wada and Cristina Montoya, RD

Ready to Transform Your Gut Health and Thrive with Sjogren's?

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