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Skin Care Workshop

Lasting Beauty, Sustainable Skin Care, Living with Sjogren's

 with Rebecca Lobo, PhD 

Lasting beauty, sustainable skin care, living with Sjogren's - Dr. Rebecca (Bexi) Lobo
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In this workshop, Dr. Rebecca (Bexi) Lobo, founder of Bexi's Bespoke Revitalisation, discussed skin health and function, the costs of living with Sjogren's, the barriers to healthy skin care, her approach to skincare, and how whole foods can benefit your skin and skin microbes. Dr.Bexi shared her expertise and experience in sustainable skincare and living with Sjogren's, providing valuable insights on lasting beauty and skin care. Attendees gained knowledge on the biology of the skin, the relationship between the skin and the environment, the effects of skincare ingredients on the skin and skin microbiome, and the importance of self-care in managing autoimmune conditions.

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