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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Virtual Sjogren's Summit!

Thank you for your interest in joining us for the 3rd Annual Virtual Sjogren's Summit!


This online event is dedicated to building a supportive community for individuals living with Sjogren's Disease, while providing them with practical tools and resources to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.


This year, we're placing a special focus on digestion and gut health, an area of crucial importance for those with Sjogren's.

We are honored to have you consider sharing your expertise alongside co-hosts Dr. Kara Wada, an immunologist who also lives with Sjogren's, and Cristina Montoya, RD, a registered dietician specializing in autoimmune conditions who lives with Sjogren’s and RA.

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Crafting Your Session

We believe in offering flexibility, so you can choose to present your session in a way that feels most comfortable for you:

  • Pre-recorded Presentation: Share your knowledge in a polished and engaging presentation format.

  • Live Interview: Engage in a dynamic conversation with one of our hosts, allowing for a more conversational and spontaneous approach.


Sessions should be approximately 15-20 minutes* long and provide actionable information that our audience can apply to their own lives.

We encourage you to offer a valuable free resource to attendees, further solidifying your position as an expert and building a connection with your audience. You'll also have the opportunity to promote one of your own products or services relevant to the Sjogren's community.


*unless otherwise discussed with Dr. Kara or Cristina

Expanding Your Reach

Participating in the Virtual Sjogren's Summit provides you with a powerful platform to reach a targeted audience of individuals deeply invested in managing their Sjogren's Disease.


We will feature you prominently in our marketing materials, including:

  • Summit Website

  • Social Media Promotion

  • Email Campaigns

Japanese Calendar

Important Dates & Next Steps​​

  • May 22nd - June 4th: Please take some time to review the Speaker Agreement and complete the Speaker Information Collection Form.

  • June 5th - June 25th: If you've opted for a pre-recorded presentation, this is the ideal window to record and submit your session.

  • July 11th - July 19th: We'll be finalizing promotional materials and preparing everything for a smooth summit launch.

  • July 20th - 21st: The 3rd Annual Virtual Sjogren's Summit goes live!

Ready to Join Us?

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or

We're excited to collaborate with you to make the Virtual Sjogren's Summit a resounding success!


Please confirm your participation and complete the following steps:​

  1. Fill out the Speaker Information Collection Form →

  2. Send us your signed copy of VSS Speaker Agreement Document→ 


Let's work together to empower individuals with Sjogren's to thrive!

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